At DBASS we want to make a difference.  Not just to your business but to the wider community.   DBASS wants to make a real difference in the world and we want our business to be about more than just excellence in business.

Our Wider Community

  • We regularly sponsor local clubs/groups in support of charitable causes.
  • We work directly with a number of local, national and international charitable organisations toward the provision of a more equitable world for all.
  • Our staff are actively involved in a number of charitable causes, giving freely of their time and in so doing making a real difference to our wider community.


(In partnership with St. Joseph & The Helpers Charity)

1. Sponsorship of DEIS school basketball court

2. Sponsorship of DEIS school Homework Club

3. Sponsorship of DEIS school Reading/ Literacy Programme

4. Supporting several local sports clubs and their fundraising endevours on a yearly basis.

Our Environmental Impact

  • We are committed to reducing any negative impact on our environment by reducing our production of waste and consumption of energy.
  • We will repair, re-use and recycle!
  • We will reduce our carbon footprint by using as little paper as possible, avoiding unnecessary printing, re-using stationery and sending emails instead of writing letters where appropriate.
  • Staff members use mobile phones and remote-access IT systems to enable them to work from home and so reduce commuting costs. 
  • Cloud computing technology is used to improve the utilisation of our computer resources.
  • We operate a binless office and encourage paper and cardboard to be recycled, and electricity usage to be reduced. Computers, lights and heaters are switched off when not in use.

Workplace & Staff Wellness

  • We look for opportunities to provide further training and mentoring to all of our staff members.
  • We provide a friendly, connected workplace to help our employees gain an acceptable work-life balance
  • We operate a Dignity at Work Policy, showing our commitment to creating a working environment in which individuals are valued for their many differences and that no one is excluded because of them.

Examples include:

- Regular workplace wellbeing seminars

- Weekly fresh fruit deliveries

- Quarterly team building events

- Discounts for local gyms/essential services

Our Values