Looking for tax and finanical information on the go? 

Well this app may just be exactly what you need as the DBASS app offers a wide range of tools and information services to assist you with your day to day accounting needs.

Whether you need a handy tool to record your mileage, a reminder on important tax dates or access to up to date financial information, the DBASS app offers it all.

Our newly updated format allows you to access all your favourite tools but with a new look.  Now you will find similar services grouped together to allow for a more streamlined homepage.

Explore powerful finance features for free:


GPS Mileage Tracker

Our Mileage Tracker uses state-of-the-art automatic GPS technology, so you can effortlessly track both your personal and business journeys wherever your travel.

This automatic tracking will enable all of your journeys to be accurately captured, and of course you can then export them direct to us from the ‘Export all trips’ screen.


Photo Receipt Manager – for accurate expense capture

Track receipts and expenses literally at the touch of a button. With minimal effort, you can take a picture of any receipt on-the-go and save it to your App, and receipts can be stored in our wide range of headings, including Cost of Goods Bought, Motor Expenses, Financial Charges, Premises Running Costs and more! You can export the receipt data to us at any time and enable us to interact digitally with you.

Tax content just for you

You’ll have access to a wide range of powerful calculators, tax rates, key tax dates, business news, currency converter and more, all updated immediately and provided for you on your device!

If you are new to our app then simply follow the instructions above to download the app today, Or use the QR Code/ Links below.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have either about the app or any aspect of your business. 

Simply call 01 849 88 00 to talk to one of our advisors today, or email info@dbass.ie