Our Tax Compliance Team helps businesses by relieving them of the administrative burden of complying with tax legislation. We handle all statutory tax-filing and payment obligations in a timely and efficient manner, and add value by availing of all available deductions and reliefs.

Whatever stage you are at in your business, whether you are just starting out in business, a growing enterprise or you are looking to retire and pass on your business to the next generation; DBASS can help you and your business to structure your tax affairs efficiently.

Our comprehensive range of taxation services includes:

Capital Gains Tax

Our tax experts will advise on tax efficient ways of holding property and will monitor the property market in order to recommend the most appropriate time for a purchase or sale.

Capital Acquisitions Tax

We can assist you in developing a plan in order to minimise your capital acquisition tax liability when transferring assets to a member of your family or third party individuals. 

Succession Planning

With our years of experience working with family businesses, we can help you develop a strategy to exit your business and extract value in a tax efficient manner or pass on the business to family members during and after your lifetime in a tax efficient, fair and equitable way.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is better done as early as possible. We make it our priority to understand your personal objectives and coordinate these along with effective tax planning to fulfil your wishes for retirement and at the same time minimising your current and future tax liabilities.

Matrimonial Tax

We can help minimise tax liability and give effective and cost efficient advice to help minimise the disruption and huge legal and other fees which can come from a divorce or separation. We will sit down and listen to the concerns of each party and frame our tax advice accordingly.

Asset Protection

We develop strategies that will protect all your assets, whether it is property, a company or even plant and machinery. We will advise on current market trends, areas of good return, predicted good times to purchase and to sell assets, and whether to hold personally or in a company. Our tax experts will help to ensure your tax liability on assets is minimised.

Wealth Protection

We advise on all aspects of personal wealth in all eventualities including separation, divorce and death. We believe that good planning will help you to keep the wealth you have worked so hard to earn.

Revenue Audits & Investigations

At DBASS, we have the expertise and experience to help businesses before, during and after a Revenue Audit or Investigation. Our aim is simple – to minimise the risk of fines, penalties and prosecution, achieve cost savings, and provide business owners and company directors with peace of mind that their business is fully compliant. To read more about our Revenue Audit & Investigations service click here.

Corporation Tax

We develop effective strategies for your business so that you profit from the low rate of corporation tax.

Income Tax

We process annual tax returns, including rental income if appropriate, and provide advice on relevant tax reliefs and credits for owner-managers and private clients to help minimise their tax liability and ensure full compliance with tax legislation. 


We assist many clients to comply with their VAT obligations, helping them to avoid large fines and penalties. We can help you by completing VAT returns, providing advice on the consequences of VAT on complex transactions, including VAT on property. 


We offer a complete PAYE/PRSI compliance service to ensure that you meet all of your payroll tax statutory obligations and advise on ways tax savings can be made.

Stamp Duty

All written contracts including properties are liable to stamp duty under Irish law. We can help you compute your stamp duty liability and also advise on how to structure the purchase in order to minimise your tax liability.